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Fantasy Football QB Rankings: 11-32

QB tiers 3-6 from both of us here at FSH Fantasy Sports Help…

Part two of our QB rankings. Here are tiers 3-6 from both of us here at FSH Fantasy Sports Help…

QB Ranking 1-10:


Pete's RankingsLeland's Rankings
Tier 3Tier 3
11. Matt Ryan ATL11. Matt Ryan ATL
12. Jared Goff LAR12. Marcus Mariota TEN
13. Philip Rivers LAC13. Jarred Goff LAR
14. Marcus Mariota TEN14. Pat Mahomes KC
15. Ben Roethlisberger PIT15. Andrew Luck IND
16. Andrew Luck IND16. Big Roethlisberger PIT
Tier 4Tier 4
17. Patrick Mahomes KC17. Philip Rivers LAC
18. Alex Smith WAS18. Alex Smith WAS
19. Derek Carr OAK19. Jameis Winston TB
20. Jameis Winston TB20. Case Keenum DEN
21. Dak Prescott DAL21. Derek Carr OAK
22. Eli Manning NYG22. Dak Prescott DAL
Tier 5Tier 5
23. Tyrod Taylor CLE23. Eli Manning NYG
24. Case Keenum DEN24. Tyrod Taylor CLE
25. Blake Bortles JAC25. Andy Dalton CIN
26. Andy Dalton CIN26. Sam Bradford ARI
27. Mitch Trubisky CHI27. Ryan Tannehill MIA
Tier 6Tier 6
28. Ryan Tannehill MIA28. Blake Bortles JAC
29. Joe Flacco BAL.29 Mitch Trubisky CHI
30. Sam Bradford ARI.30 Joe Flacco BAL
31. Josh McCown NYJ31. Josh McCown NYJ
32. AJ McCarron BUF32. AJ McCarron BUF




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