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Good News Bad News: Machado Edition

In every trade, there are winners and losers. Some are not always evident as soon as others, but the effects of a trade can be far-reaching. Not just the players involved in the trade, but the teammates often face ripple effects for at least the rest of the season.

The Machado trade is the blockbuster, superstar deal that could end up being a difference-maker down the line. So things were definitely shaken-up. Let’s see where the pieces fall.


The Deal:

Dodgers receive Manny Machado

Orioles receive 5 prospects :

  • Cuban outfielder Yusniel Diaz
  • Right-handed pitcher Dean Kremer
  • and Zach Pop
  • Third baseman Rylan Bannon
  • Infielder Breyvic Valera


Good News: Machado will finally get to play on a great team

The Orioles have clearly been struggling this season (at near 40 games back in the division, “struggling” is a kindness). With the likes of Chris Davis and other duds dragging down the lineup, Machado was really having to do it on his own. No more. With protection and support from Bellinger, Turner, even Taylor in the lineup, his production will no doubt increase.


Bad News: for Orioles fans…this season

Of course, Manny was going to leave one day. Of course, the Orioles were going to have to go through the rebuild process. But now it’s here, and it was already a bad team with Manny. The Orioles are going to be painful to watch without their star.


Good News: for Orioles fans…in the future

Yusniel Diaz headlines the haul for the Orioles, and while they didn’t pry away a big-time pitching prospect, that’s on the O’s for waiting this long to trade Manny. They did, however, get a stud outfielder with some pop, as he displayed with his 2 home runs in the Futures game this past week. Diaz has solid tools across the board and should be a great contributor in years to come. Kremer is interesting in that he is the first Israeli drafted, but profiles as a reliever in the future. Pop, too, profiles to head to the bullpen. Meanwhile, Bannon is a solid power with some swing and miss third baseman, whose defense shows potential as well. Valera might be used as a bench utility player in the future.


Bad News: for Orioles players and their fantasy owners

Schoop is already having a down season, disappointing most fantasy owners with a horrible average. Adam Jones has been solid as always, and could still contribute if he doesn’t get traded as well. Bottom line is a big hole has been left in the lineup, and his presence will be missed. Expect the Orioles players to suffer in the second half.


Good News: Bellinger and the Dodgers will have some lineup help

Not many teams can afford to add a superstar to the middle of their lineup the way the Dodgers just did. Placing Machado in the heart of the order around Bellinger, Kemp, Muncy, and Turner should provide plenty of run-scoring opportunities. In fact, it should also take some of the pressure off the other players and infuse a new sense of purpose and energy, similar to the Verlander trade last year.


Bad News: for Forsythe and Toles

It’s most likely that Bellinger will be moved to the outfield, Muncy will take over regular duties at first, and Taylor will shift to second. That leaves Forsythe out of a regular infield spot and Toles with fewer opportunities in the field. Forsythe has not been playing well, so it is deserved in some respects, but Toles has been playing well in his time this season and still has a lot of potential that won’t be reached on the bench. He’ll have to fight for time with Pederson and Kiki in the outfield, which doesn’t give a lot of hope for opportunities this season.


Good News: for the postseason race

The Dodgers have definitely put a new sense of urgency into the race, and it will be interesting to see how the division reacts to it. Will Arizona go out and add an infield bat? Do the Rockies have staying power to keep in the race to the end? As the deadline approaches, it will be easier to see what direction each team will take for the future of this season and beyond.


Bad News: for Corey Seager…?

Hopefully, Dodger management talked to Corey about this move before making it (I believe they would). Of course, Seager is out for the rest of the season, so it does not affect his playing time this season. And Machado is only signed through this season so what’s the big deal right? It’s possible and likely that this time in LA will help form Manny’s opinion on whether or not he wants to stay and sign a long-term deal. What would that mean for Corey? Is Manny willing to move positions? Could Seager be moved? Could even Turner or another Dodger be moved? It’s possible. I just hope Corey has thick skin and the situation is handled properly as the season draws to an end.


Good News: for baseball

Big deals like this are exciting, they infuse energy and mystery into the race. They make for a good story and they leave us with questions soon to be answered. Will Manny excel in the big market? Who will benefit most in the lineup? Do the Dodgers have the division on lock-down now? WIll another team make a bold move? Are the Dodgers now favorites to make it back to the World Series?? This kind of excitement is great for the game, and it’s the kind of momentum that the MLB wants going into the stretch.


Bad News:…for baseball?

The 2017 World Series was one for the ages, stretching out into a dramatic seven-game finish. It was fantastic. Before that, the 2016 World Series saw the Cubs and the Indians, again for another seven-game stretch that saw the Cubs break their championless streak. There is something very refreshing about the way baseball’s landscape is always changing, and there are always new contenders challenging to take the crown. It’s early to say it’s a problem yet, but I don’t think baseball fans want a Cavs vs. Warriors every year type of playoff environment. The last consecutive World Series streak ended after the Yankees took it home in 2000. The Dodgers and Astros, however, are potentially poised for a rematch. The superstar trade, the blockbuster of the summer, could make those stars align once more. Hopefully, this doesn’t indicate a trend in baseball or the playoff landscape. For now, we can count on this year being an exciting race to the playoffs.





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